Film & Television

LMG Studios

Aimed at contributing to, and enhancing, the ever-evolving mediums of film, television, music, audio and print, LMG Studios is a new endeavor of the Lineup Media Group. Constructed around a team of top-notch writers and producers, LMG Studios develops original content while storytelling in innovative ways to satisfy today’s digital, on-demand audiences.

Currently, LMG Studios has a multitude of projects in the pre-production phase and is continuing to build and strengthen relationships with the biggest and the best distributors of entertainment, including MGM, Netflix, Televisa, Lifetime, HBO and iflix. An LMG Studios production can originate entirely in-house, or an outside company can utilize the full breadth and width of LMG Studios as a solution to help them realize their vision. The means of consuming entertainment has been redefined and LMG Studios will be a major contributor to the continuing redefinition and evolution of this industry.

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