Ultimate Gaming Championship

The Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC), one of the esports industry’s fastest growing brands founded by members of the gaming community, provides cutting edge production and exclusive media content. The UGC continually innovates to lead the way in multimedia broadcasting, live tournament organization, digital infrastructure, merchandising and experimental events.

Since 2006, when its founder developed a local area network (LAN) center to host local tournaments, the UGC has thrived on innovation and delivering different experiential events to its attendees, streaming audience and fans. In addition, the UGC’s team of experienced and engaged experts support other tournaments with staffing and equipment.

In 2014, the UGC officially formed a structure to support the global community, professional players and a tournament structure, utilizing emerging technologies within its events such as three-dimensional printing, digital fabrication, prototyping and customization, and broadcasting. The UGC understands that the esports ecosystem only exists because of community involvement; therefore, it provides the community with features currently not offered by any other tournament organizer.

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